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Leading the ESG transformation

A leader should lead from the front. That’s the approach Amundi has taken with ESG; not following the trend but playing its part in driving the industry forward. For ten years Amundi has not just talked the talk on sustainability, we have walked the walk.

Explore our ESG ETF offering and find out more about implementing sustainability in your portfolio.


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A wide range of cost-effective ESG funds designed to address an array of sustainability objectives.


Amundi is committed to meeting the growing need for Responsible investment solutions. With Amundi ETF, investors are now able to benefit from a comprehensive range of ESG ETFs, spanning both equity and fixed income, and at a competitive cost.

Fannie Wurtz, Head of Distribution & Wealth Division, Passive & Alternative business lines, Amundi 

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Amundi has over 80 responsible investment ETFs, get inspired to get invested: 

ESG ETFs – incorporate core exposures with sustainability in mind

Climate ETFs – align your investments with the Net Zero objective

Thematic ETFs – gain exposure to important Responsible Investing megatrends

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Climate Clarity is our comprehensive investor guide to climate indexing

The guide walks you through everything you need to discover the potential of climate index investing, underlining the role and the power of investors to drive change. We provide a breakdown of the climate indexing regulatory landscape, explore the progress so far of the new climate benchmarks, and explain how engagement can really foster change.
View and download your guide to Climate Clarity>


Accelerating fixed income ESG

Fixed income has long lagged equities in the ESG investing space, accounting for only around 9% of sustainable assets globally. Find out why this is beginning to change .

Impact with index 

Index investors have an important role to play in driving positive change for people and planet –  discover how and why.


ESG in Turbulent Markets

ESG investing has proven resilient during recent market turbulence.  Read our latest research to find out how and why.  Download >

Indexing and the climate

With the climate crisis top of mind, find out how index investors play their part in meeting the 2°c goal.
Learn more >


Integrity Matters

All ETF providers can track an ESG index, how they walk the talk differentiates the leaders from the followers. Here’s why >

Commited to sustainability

Find out more about the governance, policy and strategy guiding ESG integration across Amundi in our Responsible Investment Policy 2021.  Download >

Our voting record

We know that transparency is important to you, here you will find a record of all our shareholder proxy voting.

Amundi's proxy voting records

In round figures


Founding signatory of The Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) in 2006 – today we are rated A+ by the PRI for our approach to responsible investment funds.



Designed bottom up to be cheaper and smarter, our range of responsible investment ETFs start from just 0.08% OGC*.



Our extensive engagement process is key to our responsible investment approach – driving real change for investors.  In 2020 we voted against at least one resolution at 71% of shareholder meetings2.



Our expert views 

The Future of Sustainable Investing with Bloomberg

  • Explore how to pursue the right ESG strategy
  • Understand how ETFs can have impact
  • Consider the most effective ways to implement the E in ESG

Featuring Fannie Wurtz and experts from Shareaction, Cerulli, CDP and MSCI.

Watch the replay

The Evolving World of ESG within Fixed Income

The rotation towards ESG was the big story of 2020, and very much within equities. Now demand for ESG debt is rising and the availability of efficient passive ESG fixed income solutions presents significant investment opportunities. On 25 May as part of a series of virtual briefings on ESG, Amundi partnered with Bloomberg in a panel discussion, “The Evolving World of ESG within Fixed Income”.



Matthieu Guignard, Global Head of Product Development and Capital Markets, Amundi ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta joins panellists from GAM Investments and University College Dublin to explore:

  • Why fixed income investing has been slower than equities in adopting ESG
  • The structure and market development for fixed income products
  • The impact of the changing regulatory environment on ESG investing

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*At launch date. Ongoing charges - annual, all taxes included. For Amundi ETF funds, the ongoing charges correspond to the Total Expense Ratio. The ongoing charges represent the charges taken from the fund over a year. When the fund has not closed its accounts for the first time, the ongoing charges are estimated. It compares the annual total management and operating costs (all taxes included) charged to a fund against the value of that fund's assets. Transaction cost and commissions may occur when trading ETFs.
1Source: Amundi as at 31/03/2020.
2Source:  Amundi Engagement Report 2020, based on 4 241 General Meetings.