Amundi ETF sponsors the TrackInsight ESG Observatory

Friday 22 January 2021



Amundi ETF is proud to support the launch of the ESG Observatory an online hub that provides transparency for users who seek to invest with purpose by helping them to monitor key ESG investment trends, compare the different ESG strategies offered by ETF issuers and measure which products are contributing most towards meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

TrackInsight data shows that ESG ETFs were one of the fastest growing portions of the ETF market in 2020 with assets surging by $131Bn (+223%). Investors were also inundated with an array of new ESG ETF launches as nearly 200 new ESG ETFs were listed worldwide - over 540 are now available.

The hub was developed by TrackInsight in partnership with the independent ESG Consensus® methodology of Conser and guidance on mapping ETFs against the Sustainable Development Goals provided by the SDG Investors Partnership of UNCTAD - the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. ESG Observatory is supported and sponsored by Amundi Asset Management. with the exclusive sponsorship of Amundi ETF.

As a leader in responsible investing, Amundi is delighted to support this important initiative from TrackInsight in a joint effort to drive the industry foward. By providing transparency and insights on the ETF market, the ESG Observatory will empower investors to make the right decisions for their ESG allocations

Fannie Wurtz, Head of ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta, Amundi