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Expand your horizons with Equity ETFs from the leading European ETF provider. 
Our extensive Equity ETF range makes your portfolio construction easy. From plain vanilla to ESG and climate, from regional to global, from sectors to factors, you can use them to boost your investment and capture the risk premium over the long term.

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Designed around you: equity ETFs covering vanilla exposures, specific sectors,

style and factor tilts, ESG & climate across the main geographies. 

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Source: Amundi ETF, data as of end-December 2023. Given for indicative purposes only, may change without prior notice.

Position your portfolio for today and tomorrow.

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Traditional Equity.

Cost-efficient core ETF exposures for the foundation of your portfolio. Spanning all key geographies – broad and narrow - including leading indices such as S&P 500 or MSCI World.

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ESG & Climate Equity.

We have developed an extensive range of ESG and Net Zero Ambition equity ETFs whether you are just getting started in ESG or you are ready to decarbonize your portfolio we have an ETF for you.

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Megatrends-led thematic.

Thematic ETFs help investors to keep their portfolio one step ahead by opening up to long term structural trends from demographic change to decarbonisation and emerging global wealth.

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From ESG Global Sectors to plain vanilla ones, our Sector ETF range provides an efficient diversifying tool offering access to individual sectors. With these ETFs you can structure your portfolio to benefit from sector rotation as the economy changes.

Going global with equities.

Find out how a global equities allocation could serve as a core building block in a diversified portfolio*.

*Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.

Funds in the spotlight.

Targeting sectors responsibly.

A sector-based approach can help you adjust your portfolio to suit your objectives and views on the markets and now you can do this across a series of core sectors in a way that reduces carbon intensity and improves ESG scores.  


An allocation to industrials can work well during times of rising inflation and weakening growth. 

Consumer staples

Consumer staples are defensive and tend to outperform in periods of economic contraction.


This defensive sector is a possible choice for investors in times of low growth and financial instability.

Prime value.

Get low-cost exposure to the must-have building blocks for any diversified portfolio with Prime.
Our Prime ETFs cover the main geographies with fees from just 0.05%*.

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