Fixed income ETFs you can trust.

Access bond markets easily and cost-effectively with the Amundi ETF fixed income range. ​​​​​​​

Thanks to our size and pricing power we’ve built a range of ETFs that allow you to access market beta or guard against rising rates and inflation when the going gets tough.

Simplicity and security.

The benefits of a bond with the convenience of a stock.  Fixed income ETFs are simple, cost-effective and diversified and can be bought and sold intraday.

Our broad range of fixed income ETFs offers a wealth of solutions to the issues which may be affecting your portfolios.


Built on Amundi’s fixed income heritage.

Key figure




€45 bn~

in AUM



year history in bond investing*


Source: Amundi ETF, and Lyxor ETF, combined data as of end-December 2023. Given for indicative purposes only, may change without prior notice.
* Amundi was formed in 2010 by Crédit Agricole and Société Générale.

More choices for sustainable fixed income

Our range of ESG fixed income ETFs enables you to cost-effectively reflect your individual values and goals within your fixed income allocation.  

Find out more about ESG Fixed Income ETFs in this short video.​​​​​​​

Explore more about fixed income investing and how we can help you.

Why ETFs are the ideal vehicle for fixed income investing?

Why we believe ESG in Fixed Income investments is the new core?

Fixed Income ETF: The Amundi advantages

Amundi bond ETFs help you navigate markets.

Fixed Income ESG & Climate ETFs

ETFs designed to help you invest with purpose and hit sustainability goals.

Green bond ETFs

The first of its kind, our Green bond ETF range gathers aggregate, sovereign and corporate exposures to help you finance the transition to low-carbon economy.

Corporate and aggregate bond ETF

Building blocks for your core exposure. Cost-efficient corporate bonds offer exposure to euro, US and global markets.

Government bond ETFs

The heart of your bond allocation. A wide range of government bonds offering exposure to euro, US, global and emerging markets across all maturities.

Fixed Maturity ETFs

From single country to broad exposures, investors have the choice to invest in a new generation of Euro Government Fixed Maturity ETFs. Our range combines yield predictability2 with easy access to Euro government bonds and comes with management fees of only 0.09%*
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2. Please note the yield is not guaranteed.

Floating rate note ETFs

Ride the rate hikes. These ETFs enable you to capture some potential extra yield in the case of rising rates.

Inflation-linked bond ETFs

Designed to capture rising inflation in the eurozone and the US, our range includes a breakeven product that offers exposure to changes in inflation expectations.

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Accelerating fixed income ESG

ESG fixed Income ETFs have enjoyed rapid growth since the outbreak of Covid-19. Where will they go from here?

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